About the image-orientated blog about effectiveness, communication and innovation from Andy Gurnett of The Right Angle.What's it all about?

It's got to be good if you can connect different parts of your life right? 

Yes, that's what this is all about. I run a soft-skills training business and take fine-art photographs. I have brought together my thoughts on effectiveness, communication and innovation (and no doubt some other stuff) and my photography.

How does it work? Well, I present you with an image to LOOK at. They aren't all the type of stuff I exhibit, but are interesting. That photograph has stimulated my thinking on a topic so I share those thoughts and give you something to READ. The photograph, the text or both should make you THINK. And then it's great if you can share those thoughts.

Before you dive back in to the blog page I want to talk about those hyphenated descriptors up there in the first paragraph.

First, soft-skills training. Soft skills. That's such an unhelpful phrase. It makes it sound like these skills are somehow easy, or unimportant. So, how to work MS Excel is a hard skill and how to communicate effectively with your team is a soft skill. Go figure! Maybe it could be hard skills and really hard skills?

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And then, fine-art photography. That just sounds rather presumptuous - but that's what they call it. What it means is that it's not documentary photography, or sports photography, or nature photography, or travel photography, or ...  Well you get the idea. I take photographs. They are a bit abstract. You can decide the rest. 

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Andrew Gurnett by Sash Alexander Photography

Andrew Gurnett by Sash Alexander Photography

Do I look glum up there? I'm not. Possibly I'm tired, but really content. 

"What are you doing sat on a chair in an alleyway anyway?"

That's where I take a lot of my photographs. In alleyways (not on chairs). Looking for ignored or undiscovered beauty. And this alleyway just happened to be round the corner from the gallery I was exhibiting in at the time. And one of the gallery's visitors happened to be Sash Alexander who very kindly offered to take a couple of portrait shots.

And taking photographs is what I do when I'm not facilitating corporate workshops. I'm a Brit and I lived and worked in learning and development in Singapore for 20 years before moving back to the UK in 2016.

I hope you enjoy this collaboration between two significant parts of my life.